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Adurious Inc. offers a very diverse range of high technology based LED branded lighting products for both the commercial use in buildings, warehouses and institutions, as well as for the consumer’s use in the home. A revolution in lighting transcending all, since the invention by Edison, other forms of light emission such as halogen, sodium, CFL and the original tungsten wire version of the incandescent bulb. Which by the way, is still continuing to burn brightly even today.


This allows Adurious Inc. to provide the right products which meet the needs of: lifetime, quality, power use, size and shapes, and the demands of different markets. Adurious Inc. offers exclusive high-tech thinking, with technology developed for the aerospace industries through large investments over the past 15 years in order to devise products and solutions at reasonable and affordable prices.


We pride ourselves on providing high quality products and back it up with a quality replacement guarantee on all items sold. We can do this because of our focus on quality design, production and people in every aspect of our business. Quality is a key mantra for our R&D teams, engineering, customer service and most importantly in our manufacturing facilities.


Adurious Inc. has a line of commercial grade lighting brand 'Illuminite,' is focused on the needs of office buildings, warehouses, apartment complexes, university campuses, museums and big towers, which must have a long lifetime between replacements, to reduce the costs of frequent replacements of bulbs. This family of bulbs has an average expected life in excess of 25,000 hours, or about 15 years of life under normal* use conditions. In comparison a normal incandescent bulb will last 6 months, a CFL about 12-18 months. This improvement in the replacement cycle (see: Why LEDs) allows maintenance to focus on more important company tasks other than changing light bulbs.


The Adurious Inc. line of consumer lighting uses the same basic high technology as our commercial line, but is focused on the needs of the consumer who is looking for lower cost and may not need nor want 15 years of lifetime in a bulb. The Adurious Inc. 'GeoLyte' brand is geared to last for over 5 years, with all the same power savings expected from our commercial line. The 'GeoLyte' family of products includes the standard light bulb replacements, PAR recessed lights and outdoor lights, but with longer life and power savings than CFL and incandescent bulbs.

  • The average lightbulb is used 5 hours per day, 7 days per week or a bout 2000 hours per year.

E27 Bulb:

Adurious Inc. has 3 models of the standard screw base E27 light bulb. Lights for direct bulb replacement, with a beam angle of 360 degrees, and with a clear or frost-colored coating to resemble a regular incandescent light bulb. Light is emitted in every angle, which means that the bulb can be used where any incandescent bulb or CFL is used. Bulbs with 180 degree angles which have a bright, clean light which can be used for direct up or down focused lights (ceiling lights or hanging reading lamps for example) and our screw in ceramic light family. All our lights have the full range of light temperatures available.


A note, LEDs can last up to five years, LEDs also use energy more efficiently than regular incadescent bulbs and CFLs, which further drive down overall cost. Over the lifetime of an LED bulb, it pays for itself on these aspects alone.

T8 Tube: The florescent ceiling light replacement tube

The Adurious Inc. version of a retrofit T8 tube (2’ or 4’) is designed for optimal use within the office or work space in ceiling or hanging light fixtures. Utilizing a specially designed certified internal power supply, the T8 tubes do not require the use of an electrician to install. When a tube becomes burnt out, replacement is as easy as changing a regular light bulb at home. No starters or ballasts to worry about and replace in the future; these tubes can fit directly into your existing fixtures or we can supply new fixtures for you.


LEDs use electricity more efficiently, up to 30%, over its CFL counterpart and these tubes do not require much maintenance at all. The combination of these costs make the LED T8 Tube an easy choice.

PAR Light:

A Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR) light is designed for commercial uses within hotels, at home in kitchens and hallways, and in transportation. PAR lights can also be optimally used within the home as recessed down lights, and are commonly used on stages for down lighting.

Specialty Lighting:

Adurious Inc. has developed a wide range of products for our customer’s specific needs. These products, which Adurious Inc. developed for the open market, have also managed to find a market as our specialty range of products. These lighting products include low level walkway lights, desk lamps, flat panel ceiling lights which emulate ceiling tiles and chandelier candle tip lights. Our team is constantly working on new design approaches which our customers rely on for future products. Flat panel lighting is also finding many uses in advertising, display lighting and for office and hall lighting applications.

Technical Information

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