Our Profile

Who we are and where we are going

Our company, Adurious Inc., is primarily focused on the advancement of new LED lighting designs for commercial construction and renewal purposes through the use of LED based T8 (florescent replacement) tubes and LED E26 (standard replacement) light bulbs. Adurious also manufactures PAR replacements, recessed lights, panel lights and other types of specialty lighting for the commercial industry.


With new and more advanced designs in development, our firm plans on broadening the product line to include other types of lighting pertaining to commercial installations and in the very near future, a line directly focused on the needs of the consumer markets.


Our team is comprised of seasoned industry staff with specific skills in LED design, volume manufacturing and marketing expertise. With design centers located in USA and Asia and manufacturing in Asia, Adurious Inc. is at the leading edge of market demands and advanced product developments.


We are planning to setup with distributors in the United States on both coasts, specifically in California, New England/Mid-Atlantic, South East and Central USA (mid-west) where the demand for energy efficiency is the densest among the population. Adurious Inc. is currently soliciting new distributors in these areas.

Technology we are developing

One of the more recent developments for Adurious Inc. is our “BULB” LED incandescent bulb. This new LED bulb design looks and feels like the incandescent bulb we have all been used to using over the past 100 years. The light output is so similar to the incandescent bulb that you will swear that it is one until you see the bulb for yourself. The light cast is 290 degrees from top to bottom of the bulb, making it the most unique application of LED bulb designs in the market today.  The uniqueness of the application is so prevalent; we have sought a patent for at least 3 aspects of the design and layout of the LEDs.


You all know of florescent tubes and the strange buzz and glow they emit. Admittedly, florescent bulbs (known as T8 tubes) have come a long way in terms of light output, life time (15,000 hours) and their energy saving advantages over incandescent bulbs. At AduroLux our company engineers have developed T8 tubes with and without an internal power supply. All with NTL or UL certifications and easy replacement using your existing light fixtures. Additionally the T8 tubes are more green (no hazardous Hg (mercury) gases), more energy efficient (up to 30% more) and no more ballasts or starters needed. This creates even more of an energy savings and installations savings as they require no replacements for over 30,000 hours of operation.

Our future

At Adurious our team is working to innovate and create new products which not only make your life more green and energy efficient, but to provide a lighting experience to make your work and living space more comfortable.


Please check out our web site for the wide range of lighting products we offer. Additionally look for our new and coming products which enhance your lighting experience by providing better lighting sources and look. The “Bulb” which looks like a bulb is but the first in a series of new designs which leverage and enable the LED technology to be high tech, green and practical all at the same time.


We are constantly seeking innovations in our lighting applications. Energy saving designs and new technology applications to make our LED products even more energy efficient, long lasting, green and beautiful for your home, office and building needs.