About Us

Adurious Inc. is dedicated to providing efficiency without compromising innovation and cost to our customers.


Our team is composed of talented and seasoned high technology and semiconductor industry professionals comprised of industry recognized executives, R&D engineers, production engineering, quality, manufacturing, sales and business professionals.


Our firm has investments in key technologies and manufacturing and also works closely with experienced volume manufacturing partners for the production of many of our products. We manufacture in Shenzhen, China where we occupy 2 buildings to produce the lighting products. Our capacity is growing to where we currently produce over 100,000 lights per month in our Shenzhen facility. Our firm has an additional facility focused on some of our firm's consumer based products such as the “bulb” replacement and new technology approaches. This facility is currently going through a capacity expansion in order to meet our anticipated growth demands over the coming 2 to 3 years.


We are currently in the process of building our first factory outside of China, within the compound of a partner with a long standing reputation and partnership with Adurious Inc.'s executive management. This new exciting facility location will be used to gain access to additional markets, but to also invest in our future growth and product breadth.


Some of our key staff, industry executives and team are:

Bob: Company executive with a background in Semiconductor technology, production management, International Business, Sales, RF Engineering and driving business to success. Bob has had over 28 years working and living in Asia and together with over 35 years in the RF, Radar, Communications, Semiconductor industries, brings a deep pool of knowledge to ensure solid solutions for the customer’s designs.  With over 25 years living and working in Asia: China Mainland, Korea, Japan, India and Taiwan providing design solutions for customers. Many years developing sales, R&D and marketing teams to drive the business, products and customers to a team oriented winning solution for success in the marketplace.


Ms. Lin: Is Adurious Inc.’s key lead for our customer’s first encounter with our firm. Ms. Lin has had over 15 years’ experience developing strong customer service teams, leading the sales successes and results for our firm and more importantly our customers. The customer service team is dedicated to ensure that you, the customer, is first in everything we do each and every day. This ensures that you can have our products manufactured, shipped, delivered and in your hands on the day we agreed to get it there.


Curry: Curry is our Quality Director for all of our design and manufacturing processes. Curry has been seasoned by over 12 years of working in factories owned and operated by multi-national concerns in various roles of quality management. Curry is backed by a solid hand selected team of quality staff.


Young: Young is a key member of the executive team with deep knowledge in the areas of semiconductor and product driven R&D. Young has worked with firms steeped in exotic technologies, bringing them to the commercial markets, thus enabling products such as LED lighting. Young is published in engineering journals and had over 25 years working as the bridge between R&D, customers and manufacturing to deliver successful, market demanded and driven products.


Apple: Not only is it an icon out there on the web, but our very own Apple is an icon within our firm and customer community. Apple and her team brings enthusiasm, talent, communication and commitment to every customer at Adurious Inc.


Tiger: As our factory General Manager, Tiger has brought our companies capability to new levels in production, capacity and quality. Tiger has over 30 years in production expertise and management of production teams for commercial product manufacturing.


Danny Dong: Is our production engineering and product development transition leader. To this day, Danny and his dedicated team have successfully brought over 40 new products into production. A key point for our customers while building their trust in the capability of our firm.


James: Product Marketing analyst who works closely with key customer engineers and executives to determine the right products to develop and price points to hit. James has experience in the LED business, harp eyes, clear head and open thinking when working with the customers and marketing teams.